"I am writing this to tell you of the talents on Mundy Meguire.  I am a stand-up comedian out of Houston.  I contracted Mundy to do a new website for me and I could not have been more pleased.  My last website quite frankly was an eye sore, no graphics, no clips, only one page.  Mundy changed all that.  She gave me audio, video, fan pages, schedule, and personal info that my fans could get to, plus she did it in a way where the website was not confusing, or hard to get through.  She gave me maximum information, with no confusion.  Please check out the site www.scottyblanco.com.  I have had more hits on this site in two months than I did with my other site in a year and that is all Mundy‚Äôs doing.  Plus, she kept me in the loop the whole time; she updated me the whole way, so there were no surprises at the end.


Also, Mundy updated my press kit.  My last kit was bland, just a resume, DVD and head-shot, well once again Mundy stepped in a made major changes.  She designed a really eye catching cover for my DVD.  She outlined all the tracks and put all my contact information on the pack.  Second, she updated and condensed my contact, resume and referral information into an easy to read page with my picture superimposed in the back ground.  She made the whole kit visually stimulating, which I needed, for comedy bookers get dozens of press kits a day and anything that can be done to set yours apart will help and Mundy has put my press kit in a class by itself.


I hold Mundy Meguire and her work in the highest regard, hiring her was the best thing I could have done for my career.  She is professional and personal at the same time and way a joy to work with.  I can not recommend her highly enough."


Scott Eric White, Comedian


I've had the pleasure to work and see Mundy's company, Ai Design Central, LLC, grow into a talented small business design firm that produces top quality web jobs as a large design firm for a lower cost.  Mundy stays on top of what is current in her design work, delivers in a timely fashion and a product any business would be proud of.


Bill Goad

Owner - Premier Accuracy


more ovations to come....









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